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  1. Photo of Bill Hays

    Bill Hays Director

  2. Photo of Rudolph Cartier

    Rudolph Cartier Director

  3. Photo of Gareth Davies

    Gareth Davies Director

  4. Photo of James Ferman

    James Ferman Director

  5. Photo of David Cunliffe

    David Cunliffe Director

  6. Photo of Michael Lindsay-Hogg

    Michael Lindsay-Hogg Director

  7. Photo of Donald McWhinnie

    Donald McWhinnie Director

  8. Photo of David Sullivan Proudfoot

    David Sullivan Proudfoot Director

  9. Photo of John Elliot

    John Elliot Screenplay

  10. Photo of Hugh Whitemore

    Hugh Whitemore Screenplay

  11. Photo of David Turner

    David Turner Screenplay

  12. Photo of Trevor Griffiths

    Trevor Griffiths Screenplay

  13. Photo of Jack Pulman

    Jack Pulman Screenplay

  14. Photo of Robert Müller

    Robert Müller Screenplay

  15. Photo of Troy Kennedy-Martin

    Troy Kennedy-Martin Screenplay

  16. Photo of Elizabeth Holford

    Elizabeth Holford Screenplay

  17. Photo of Ken Hughes

    Ken Hughes Screenplay

  18. Photo of Keith Dewhurst

    Keith Dewhurst Screenplay

  19. Photo of Charles Kay

    Charles Kay Cast

  20. Photo of Gayle Hunnicutt

    Gayle Hunnicutt Cast

  21. Photo of Barry Foster

    Barry Foster Cast

  22. Photo of Patrick Stewart

    Patrick Stewart Cast

  23. Photo of Maurice Denham

    Maurice Denham Cast

  24. Photo of Curd Jürgens

    Curd Jürgens Cast

  25. Photo of Gemma Jones

    Gemma Jones Cast

  26. Photo of Lynn Farleigh

    Lynn Farleigh Cast

  27. Photo of T.P. McKenna

    T.P. McKenna Cast

  28. Photo of Michael Bryant

    Michael Bryant Cast

  29. Photo of Michael Gough

    Michael Gough Cast

  30. Photo of Marius Goring

    Marius Goring Cast

  31. Photo of Denis Lill

    Denis Lill Cast

  32. Photo of Charles Gray

    Charles Gray Cast

  33. Photo of Nigel Stock

    Nigel Stock Cast

  34. Photo of Michael Aldridge

    Michael Aldridge Cast

  35. Photo of Peter Vaughan

    Peter Vaughan Cast

  36. Photo of Rachel Gurney

    Rachel Gurney Cast

  37. Photo of Diane Keen

    Diane Keen Cast

  38. Photo of Pamela Brown

    Pamela Brown Cast

  39. Photo of Michael Kitchen

    Michael Kitchen Cast

  40. Photo of Frederick Jaeger

    Frederick Jaeger Cast

  41. Photo of Jan Francis

    Jan Francis Cast

  42. Photo of Tony Jay

    Tony Jay Cast

  43. Photo of Michael Hordern

    Michael Hordern Narrator

  44. Photo of Peter Sargent

    Peter Sargent Cinematography

  45. Photo of A.A. Englander

    A.A. Englander Cinematography

  46. Photo of Kenneth Platts

    Kenneth Platts Music

  47. Photo of Chris Pemsel

    Chris Pemsel Production Design

  48. Photo of Moira Tait

    Moira Tait Production Design

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