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  1. Photo of Oussama Fawzi

    Oussama Fawzi Director

  2. Photo of Moustafa Zekri

    Moustafa Zekri Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lebleba

    Lebleba Cast

  4. Photo of Caroline Khalil

    Caroline Khalil Cast

  5. Photo of Safwa

    Safwa Cast

  6. Photo of Amr Waked

    Amr Waked Cast

  7. Photo of Sari Al Nagar

    Sari Al Nagar Cast

  8. Photo of Saleh Fahmi

    Saleh Fahmi Cast

  9. Photo of Sa'eed Saleh

    Sa'eed Saleh Cast

  10. Photo of Menha Batraoui

    Menha Batraoui Cast

  11. Photo of Menha Zeytoun

    Menha Zeytoun Cast

  12. Photo of Maged El Kedwany

    Maged El Kedwany Cast

  13. Photo of Kamal Soleiman

    Kamal Soleiman Cast

  14. Photo of Raafat Ragi

    Raafat Ragi Cast

  15. Photo of Geena

    Geena Cast

  16. Photo of Mohamad Dardiri

    Mohamad Dardiri Cast

  17. Photo of Tamer Habib

    Tamer Habib Cast

  18. Photo of Tarek El-Telmessani

    Tarek El-Telmessani Cinematography

  19. Photo of Fathi Salama

    Fathi Salama Music

  20. Photo of Al Batrik

    Al Batrik Producer

  21. Photo of Mahmoud Hemida

    Mahmoud Hemida Producer and Cast

  22. Photo of Khaled Merhi

    Khaled Merhi Editing