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  1. Photo of Russ Brandt

    Russ Brandt Director and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Brian J. De Palma

    Brian J. De Palma Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Brittany Murphy

    Brittany Murphy Cast

  4. Photo of Karen Allen

    Karen Allen Cast

  5. Photo of Jeremy Jordan

    Jeremy Jordan Cast

  6. Photo of Chris Young

    Chris Young Cast

  7. Photo of Patrick Renna

    Patrick Renna Cast

  8. Photo of R.D. Robb

    R.D. Robb Cast

  9. Photo of Lea Moreno Young

    Lea Moreno Young Cast

  10. Photo of Vincent Riotta

    Vincent Riotta Cast

  11. Photo of Giselle Anthony

    Giselle Anthony Cast

  12. Photo of Danail Getz

    Danail Getz Music

  13. Photo of Ivan Koutikov

    Ivan Koutikov Music

  14. Photo of Bill Mitchell

    Bill Mitchell Production Design

  15. Photo of Mark Burman

    Mark Burman Producer

  16. Photo of Gary Shar

    Gary Shar Producer

  17. Photo of Jeff Geoffray

    Jeff Geoffray Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Walter Josten

    Walter Josten Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Daniel Loewenthal

    Daniel Loewenthal Editing