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  1. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film Family Life

  2. Richard Tines's rating of the film Family Life

    a decent filmic chamber drama...with a sociological funnybone (politics = sociology)....can i say these first two films in MUBI's Zanussi retrospective kinda went in one mind's eye and out the other? It's not that they're bad movies, it's just that they don't jibe with my tastes so much...still, I'll keep watching, cuz i liked the final scene here....

  3. Richard Bolisay's rating of the film Family Life

    Grateful for this introduction to Zanussi's oeuvre. Amazed by how the theatre mixes beautifully with cinematic language (beautiful camera work, mad music, superb production design). Everyone in the cast brings so much emotion to their roles. There is unmistakable depth in their domestic life that mirrors the political strife of its time.

  4. angeldromero's rating of the film Family Life

    Zanussi showcasing like no other the messiness of the ordinary life and our relationships with our family. No matter who you meet or where you go, your past will always haunt you no matter how hard you try to escape it.

  5. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Family Life

    An impressive family drama. No matter how far one flies away, the traces of his/her family will summon him/her back.

  6. Leif Erikson's rating of the film Family Life

  7. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Family Life

    Drama about coming home to all the problems and conflicts that stay the same there. It feels and looks like a confined "play of the week" movie at first and stays pretty slow until the family's monarch arrives and the acting and dialogue turns more interesting. Still it is a movie that hits-and-misses with it's story of "you can never turn your back on family even when you hate them". A little underwhelming.

  8. Juan Javier's rating of the film Family Life

    Bastante buena, pero nadie nota un cierto exceso de sobreactuación aquí?

  9. captainfez's rating of the film Family Life

    All the anxiety of a fraught visit home with all the lubrication of illegal vodka.

  10. Nabil Hamzaki's rating of the film Family Life

    "A man is as big as his size and no bigger."

  11. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Family Life

    What really happened into that family? We don't know and it's not necessary. A great view about Poland's past and new society, under the influence of the Cold War. Haunting and visually fantastic.

  12. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Family Life

    Zanussi has a particular gift on making drama resonate on a level beyond just the personal, they become great social dialogues. When you are finished with this one you are left thinking deeply about the nature of change in a society, privilege and the murkiness of restructure of the social order.

  13. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Family Life

    Not a BAD film, but it didn't draw me in and engage me as I expected. Solid all round, it's just unspectacular in terms of the characters, situation, and way the family relationships are viewed.

  14. zubee's rating of the film Family Life

    Uneven at best...disjointed at worst. Pointless overall.

  15. mis marg's rating of the film Family Life

    Denouement .. riddled with sadness. The son's choices are key to family fortunes it is said. Yet he who walked before, walks again. How disappointing; leaving the trio to rot with the house. The grin, does he care not to leave father to his fate. Would he have made a difference, or languished too, marked by the general descent of family left to marinade in hopelessness. Everyone plus dog, had their say in the end.

  16. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Family Life

  17. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Family Life

    I expected it to say "Based on a play by Tennessee Williams". Such a strange departure from his previous film.

  18. Creighton Blinn's rating of the film Family Life

    Damn, I should've thought of naming one of my cats Caligari . . .

  19. Miller's Crossing's rating of the film Family Life

    You can tell how this movie was a step up for Zanussi. It's about mixing the classic exercise in style that is the family movie with Poland recent history. The beginning of the movie feels a bit artificial, the situations too staged and Maja Komorowska's a bit forced. As the films unravels, the subtlety of the dialogues which leaves no dark secrets of this family unexplored eventually enthrals.

  20. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Family Life

    Interesting question. Quite a bit of absurd.

  21. fearraigh's rating of the film Family Life

    It has some great moments and the ending is unexpectedly devastating but this stagey second film is lacking a bit of detail to pad out the drama. It's not often I complain of a film being too short but this one could done with another half-hour to it.

  22. Ralph Melcher's rating of the film Family Life

    Can we ever truly leave our past behind? I found this film to be weaker than his first, possibly because I felt that the black and white photography allowed ideas to emerge in clearer, sharper relief, while this one is more like a dream fantasy journey into memory. I thought an interesting touch was Wit’s smile of acceptance at the end. After all the grimness it felt like a little bit of a laugh.

  23. vjeternik's rating of the film Family Life

    Angst instead of emotions, tiring, worn and unfinished characters. Unconvincing and dull, despite the beautiful direction.

  24. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Family Life

    This really put me in mind of Maurice Pialat with its unflinching style and grim inexorability.

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