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  1. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Family Plot

    Looking and operating much like anything Universal were producing for television at this time, this is a drab finale from Hitchcock that has little cinematic scale. The occasional flash of invention is small change and being competent and controlled really isn’t virtue or reason enough to sit through this for nearly two hours.

  2. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film Family Plot

    3.5 // extrasensory perception, diamond robbers, a stupid couple wanting money... it's like an allen-before-allen hitch! enjoyed it a lot

  3. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Family Plot

    Hitchcock's final film is a glorious caper comedy that features one of his finest cast ensembles and one of his most memorable action scenes... I don't know why so many people dislike this film.

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film Family Plot

    Dernier film du cinéaste, que certains pontifiants exégètes du 7eme art s'évertuent à vouloir considérer comme un chef-d'oeuvre, mais qui n'est qu'une honorable rature...

  5. Tadzio Bonaparte's rating of the film Family Plot

    Hitchcock is somewhere else -- yellow stars won't suit his work, but let's try...

  6. Love Walked In's rating of the film Family Plot

    It's staggering to see Hitchcock get his early days jazz flavor(watch "Young and Innocent" or "39 Steps") back for this last piece. Airiness and childish innocence, which you can also see in his pupil Francois Truffaut's last piece, "Vivement Dimanche!". Mentor.

  7. Mariana E.'s rating of the film Family Plot

  8. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Family Plot

    Perhaps minor Hitchcock, but I'm fond of this one-- above all, the final image that seems to say: "Did you see what I did there?"

  9. Ricardo Zambujo's rating of the film Family Plot

  10. Alvega's rating of the film Family Plot

    The last one and one of the best.

  11. Martin Sichetti's rating of the film Family Plot

    Last and wonderful film from my FAVE HITCH.

  12. Øyvind Rype's rating of the film Family Plot

    An awful mess made by a man who obviously doesn't know what he's doing anymore. Of the 20+ Hitch's I've seen, this is the absolute worst.

  13. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Family Plot

    The last Hitchcock, and it's strangely fitting that after being hailed as an artist and a poet of the dark side of human psychology, his filmography ends on a free-spirited lark. He was, after all, a showman and an entertainer too. Not great, not bad, with several interesting choices and John Williams doing a Bernard Herrmann impression. I do miss when Hitchcock's innuendos had to be more thickly veiled, though.

  14. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Family Plot

    Il congedo di Sir Alfred avviene con questa gradevole pellicola,ironica,leggera ed estremamente godibile.L'intreccio della prima parte è grandioso,così come il montaggio che segue perfettamente le due storie senza mai sovrapporsi o disturbare.Menzione speciale per "Blanche".Certo non è l'Hitchock da storia del cinema,ma quella l'aveva già fatta.4*

  15. Hikaru's rating of the film Family Plot

    There are conspirators and people who get caught in the conspiracy. This movie simply follows the dynamic shift between these two groups, and in the final shot, Hitchcock invites the viewers to be the conspirators - storytellers. This is a moving testament from the director who understood the power of fiction.

  16. Trevor's rating of the film Family Plot

    Though Marnie is his last masterpiece, this may be my favorite of his 70s films. It is certainly the most playful, and is one of the greatest expressions of his career-long obsession with doubling. The cast is also uniformly one of the best Hitchcock worked with, with all four principles relishing their roles. For the ostensibly dark view of humanity, this is tons of fun, with a wonderful final shot.

  17. João Eça's rating of the film Family Plot

    I haven't watched a good Hitchcock film in years. He certainly is one of the most overrated directors in cinema history.

  18. Samuel Righi's rating of the film Family Plot

  19. Steve's rating of the film Family Plot

    I was almost ready to give up during the first 20 minutes or so but then the film got quite good. Lots of suspense in true Hitchcock fashion.

  20. Jeremy Ashlyn's rating of the film Family Plot

    Gotta say, I don't particularly care for any one Hitchcock film aside from this one. A complete joy from beginning to end, operating almost purely on film language.

  21. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Family Plot

    quite funny when the old lady kicks Shoebridge's gravestone. the movie has some very thrilling & puzzling moments, but this one is far from Hitchcock's work i prefer...

  22. Rock and Bull's rating of the film Family Plot

    I don't think this is anywhere near Hitch's best film. But as his last one, it seems like such a perfect note for him to end on. It has a little bit of every Hitch film in it.

  23. meancreek's rating of the film Family Plot

    It won't go down as one of Hitchcock's finest, but it's still an enjoyable little thriller with some neat camerawork and carefully structured sequences.

  24. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Family Plot

    Strange how Hitchcock's films get better and better with years passing by. When I first saw this one in the theatres, it didn't strike me as one of the best of the British master. But now, after having seen it again every three or four years since 1976, I'm amazed by the quality of its mise en scene. A DVD zone your library. Highly recommended.

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