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  1. Photo of Oles Yanchuk

    Oles Yanchuk Director

  2. Photo of Vasil Barka

    Vasil Barka Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sergei Dyachenko

    Sergei Dyachenko Screenplay

  4. Photo of Les Tanyuk

    Les Tanyuk Screenplay

  5. Photo of Galina Sulima

    Galina Sulima Cast

  6. Photo of Georgi Morozyuk

    Georgi Morozyuk Cast

  7. Photo of Aleksey Gorbunov

    Aleksey Gorbunov Cast

  8. Photo of Maksim Koval

    Maksim Koval Cast

  9. Photo of Alyonka Kovtun

    Alyonka Kovtun Cast

  10. Photo of Konstantin Kazimirenko

    Konstantin Kazimirenko Cast

  11. Photo of Nionella Svetlichnaya

    Nionella Svetlichnaya Cast

  12. Photo of Leonid Yanovsky

    Leonid Yanovsky Cast

  13. Photo of Pyotr Benyuk

    Pyotr Benyuk Cast

  14. Photo of Vasiliy Borodin

    Vasiliy Borodin Cinematography

  15. Photo of Mikhail Kretov

    Mikhail Kretov Cinematography

  16. Photo of Nikolai Kalandenok

    Nikolai Kalandenok Music

  17. Photo of Viktor Patsukevich

    Viktor Patsukevich Music

  18. Photo of Valeriy Bozhenko

    Valeriy Bozhenko Production Design

  19. Photo of Viktor Bryunchugin

    Viktor Bryunchugin Sound