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  1. Photo of Kyle Newman

    Kyle Newman Director

  2. Photo of Ernest Cline

    Ernest Cline Screenplay

  3. Photo of Adam F. Goldberg

    Adam F. Goldberg Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dan Pulick

    Dan Pulick Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sam Huntington

    Sam Huntington Cast

  6. Photo of Chris Marquette

    Chris Marquette Cast

  7. Photo of Dan Fogler

    Dan Fogler Cast

  8. Photo of Jay Baruchel

    Jay Baruchel Cast

  9. Photo of Kristen Bell

    Kristen Bell Cast

  10. Photo of David Denman

    David Denman Cast

  11. Photo of Christopher McDonald

    Christopher McDonald Cast

  12. Photo of Charlie B. Brown

    Charlie B. Brown Cast

  13. Photo of Isaac Kappy

    Isaac Kappy Cast

  14. Photo of Stephen Pina

    Stephen Pina Cast

  15. Photo of Seth Rogen

    Seth Rogen Cast

  16. Photo of Thom Bishops

    Thom Bishops Cast

  17. Photo of Clark Sanchez

    Clark Sanchez Cast

  18. Photo of Stanley Shunkamolah

    Stanley Shunkamolah Cast

  19. Photo of Danny Trejo

    Danny Trejo Cast

  20. Photo of Hugh Elliot

    Hugh Elliot Cast

  21. Photo of Allie Grant

    Allie Grant Cast

  22. Photo of Ethan Suplee

    Ethan Suplee Cast

  23. Photo of Joe Lo Truglio

    Joe Lo Truglio Cast

  24. Photo of Billy Dee Williams

    Billy Dee Williams Cast

  25. Photo of Jaime King

    Jaime King Cast

  26. Photo of Pell James

    Pell James Cast

  27. Photo of William Shatner

    William Shatner Cast

  28. Photo of Carrie Fisher

    Carrie Fisher Cast

  29. Photo of Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith Cast

  30. Photo of Jason Mewes

    Jason Mewes Cast

  31. Photo of Danny McBride

    Danny McBride Cast

  32. Photo of Lukas Ettlin

    Lukas Ettlin Cinematography

  33. Photo of Mark Mothersbaugh

    Mark Mothersbaugh Music

  34. Photo of Cory Lorenzen

    Cory Lorenzen Production Design

  35. Photo of Evan Astrowsky

    Evan Astrowsky Producer

  36. Photo of Dana Brunetti

    Dana Brunetti Producer

  37. Photo of Matthew Perniciaro

    Matthew Perniciaro Producer

  38. Photo of Kevin Spacey

    Kevin Spacey Producer

  39. Photo of Kevin Mann

    Kevin Mann Executive Producer

  40. Photo of Bob Weinstein

    Bob Weinstein Executive Producer

  41. Photo of Harvey Weinstein

    Harvey Weinstein Executive Producer

  42. Photo of Seth Flaum

    Seth Flaum Editing