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  1. Photo of Christian-Jaque

    Christian-Jaque Director

  2. Photo of Francis Cosne

    Francis Cosne Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Georges Dancigers

    Georges Dancigers Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Alexandre Mnouchkine

    Alexandre Mnouchkine Producer

  5. Photo of Maurice Thiriet

    Maurice Thiriet Music

  6. Photo of Georges van Parys

    Georges van Parys Music

  7. Photo of Jacques Desagneause

    Jacques Desagneause Editing

  8. Photo of Marcel Escoffier

    Marcel Escoffier Costume Design

  9. Photo of Christian Matras

    Christian Matras Cinematography

  10. Photo of Henri Jeanson

    Henri Jeanson Screenplay

  11. Photo of René Wheeler

    René Wheeler Screenplay

  12. Photo of René Fallet

    René Fallet Screenplay

  13. Photo of Gérard Philipe

    Gérard Philipe Cast

  14. Photo of Gina Lollobrigida

    Gina Lollobrigida Cast

  15. Photo of Marcel Herrand

    Marcel Herrand Cast

  16. Photo of Olivier Hussenot

    Olivier Hussenot Cast

  17. Photo of Henri Rollan

    Henri Rollan Cast

  18. Photo of Nerio Bernardi

    Nerio Bernardi Cast

  19. Photo of Jean-Marc Tennberg

    Jean-Marc Tennberg Cast

  20. Photo of Geneviève Page

    Geneviève Page Cast

  21. Photo of Sylvie Pelayo

    Sylvie Pelayo Cast