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  1. Photo of Francisco Lacerda

    Francisco Lacerda Director, Music, Special Effects, Cast & 1 more
    Francisco Lacerda Director, Music, Special Effects, Cast, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Luís Costa

    Luís Costa Cast

  3. Photo of Hugo Ramos

    Hugo Ramos Cast

  4. Photo of Rita Borges

    Rita Borges Cast

  5. Photo of André Branquinho

    André Branquinho Cast

  6. Photo of Rui Rofino

    Rui Rofino Cast

  7. Photo of Tiago Raposo

    Tiago Raposo Cast

  8. Photo of André Torres

    André Torres Cast and Special Effects

  9. Photo of Cristiana Teixeira

    Cristiana Teixeira Cast

  10. Photo of Rodrigo Bug

    Rodrigo Bug Cast

  11. Photo of João Amaral

    João Amaral Cast

  12. Photo of Eliezer Pereira

    Eliezer Pereira Cast

  13. Photo of Hugo França

    Hugo França Cinematography

  14. Photo of Pedro C. Melo

    Pedro C. Melo Producer

  15. Photo of Amarino França

    Amarino França Producer

  16. Photo of Amanda Lagergren

    Amanda Lagergren Sound

  17. Photo of Cristovão Ferreira

    Cristovão Ferreira Sound and Music

  18. Photo of Wilson Bairos

    Wilson Bairos Sound

  19. Photo of Anu Saarikoski

    Anu Saarikoski Costume Design

  20. Photo of Francisco Lopes

    Francisco Lopes Special Effects