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  1. Photo of L. Frank Baum

    L. Frank Baum Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hans Christian Andersen

    Hans Christian Andersen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jacob Grimm

    Jacob Grimm Screenplay

  4. Photo of Wilhelm Grimm

    Wilhelm Grimm Screenplay

  5. Photo of Eloy de la Iglesia

    Eloy de la Iglesia Screenplay, Cast Director

  6. Photo of Dyanik Zurakowska

    Dyanik Zurakowska Cast

  7. Photo of Manuel Andrés

    Manuel Andrés Cast

  8. Photo of Blaki

    Blaki Cast

  9. Photo of Tomás Blanco

    Tomás Blanco Cast

  10. Photo of José Bódalo

    José Bódalo Cast

  11. Photo of Antonio Casas

    Antonio Casas Cast

  12. Photo of Fabián Conde

    Fabián Conde Cast

  13. Photo of Javier de Campos

    Javier de Campos Cast

  14. Photo of Juan Diego

    Juan Diego Cast

  15. Photo of Julian Duque

    Julian Duque Cast

  16. Photo of Ricardo Díaz

    Ricardo Díaz Cast

  17. Photo of Cris Huerta

    Cris Huerta Cast

  18. Photo of Javier Loyola

    Javier Loyola Cast

  19. Photo of Carmen Luján

    Carmen Luján Cast

  20. Photo of Maribel Martín

    Maribel Martín Cast

  21. Photo of Sergio Mendizábal

    Sergio Mendizábal Cast

  22. Photo of Luis Prendes

    Luis Prendes Cast

  23. Photo of Antonio Requena

    Antonio Requena Cast

  24. Photo of Pilar Vela

    Pilar Vela Cast

  25. Photo of Santiago Crespo

    Santiago Crespo Cinematography

  26. Photo of Fernando García Morcillo

    Fernando García Morcillo Music

  27. Photo of Francisco Jaumandreu

    Francisco Jaumandreu Editing