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  1. Photo of James Algar

    James Algar Director

  2. Photo of Hendel Butoy

    Hendel Butoy Director

  3. Photo of Francis Glebas

    Francis Glebas Director

  4. Photo of Eric Goldberg

    Eric Goldberg Director and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Don Hahn

    Don Hahn Director

  6. Photo of Pixote Hunt

    Pixote Hunt Director

  7. Photo of Gaëtan Brizzi

    Gaëtan Brizzi Director and Screenplay

  8. Photo of Paul Brizzi

    Paul Brizzi Director and Screenplay

  9. Photo of Hans Christian Andersen

    Hans Christian Andersen Screenplay

  10. Photo of Joe Grant

    Joe Grant Screenplay

  11. Photo of Perce Pearce

    Perce Pearce Screenplay

  12. Photo of Carl Fallberg

    Carl Fallberg Screenplay

  13. Photo of Brenda Chapman

    Brenda Chapman Screenplay

  14. Photo of Elena Driskill

    Elena Driskill Screenplay

  15. Photo of Irene Mecchi

    Irene Mecchi Screenplay

  16. Photo of David Reynolds

    David Reynolds Screenplay

  17. Photo of James Levine

    James Levine Cast

  18. Photo of Chicago Symphony Orchestra

    Chicago Symphony Orchestra Cast

  19. Photo of Deems Taylor

    Deems Taylor Cast

  20. Photo of Itzhak Perlman

    Itzhak Perlman Cast

  21. Photo of Angela Lansbury

    Angela Lansbury Cast

  22. Photo of Tim Suhrstedt

    Tim Suhrstedt Cinematography

  23. Photo of Kathleen Bennett

    Kathleen Bennett Music

  24. Photo of Mark Green

    Mark Green Music

  25. Photo of Roy Edward Disney

    Roy Edward Disney Producer

  26. Photo of Donald W. Ernst

    Donald W. Ernst Producer

  27. Photo of Jessica Ambinder-Rojas

    Jessica Ambinder-Rojas Editing

  28. Photo of Lois Freeman-Fox

    Lois Freeman-Fox Editing

  29. Photo of Julia Gray

    Julia Gray Editing

  30. Photo of Craig Paulsen

    Craig Paulsen Editing

  31. Photo of Gregory F. Plotts

    Gregory F. Plotts Editing