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  1. Photo of Richard Franklin

    Richard Franklin Director

  2. Photo of Ross Dimsey

    Ross Dimsey Screenplay

  3. Photo of Antony I. Ginnane

    Antony I. Ginnane Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of John Bluthal

    John Bluthal Cast

  5. Photo of Leon Gorr

    Leon Gorr Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Ted Mulder

    Ted Mulder Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Vincent Monton

    Vincent Monton Cinematography

  8. Photo of Tony Paterson

    Tony Paterson Editing

  9. Photo of Bob Gardiner

    Bob Gardiner Sound

  10. Photo of John Holmes

    John Holmes Cast

  11. Photo of Uschi Digard

    Uschi Digard Cast

  12. Photo of Candy Samples

    Candy Samples Cast

  13. Photo of Rene Bond

    Rene Bond Cast

  14. Photo of Serena

    Serena Cast

  15. Photo of Roxanne Brewer

    Roxanne Brewer Cast

  16. Photo of Maria Arnold

    Maria Arnold Cast

  17. Photo of Wendy Cavanaugh

    Wendy Cavanaugh Cast

  18. Photo of Helen O'Connell

    Helen O'Connell Cast

  19. Photo of Con Covert

    Con Covert Cast

  20. Photo of Gretchen Rudolph

    Gretchen Rudolph Cast

  21. Photo of Kirby Hall

    Kirby Hall Cast

  22. Photo of Dee Dee Levitt

    Dee Dee Levitt Cast

  23. Photo of Maria Lutra

    Maria Lutra Cast

  24. Photo of William Margold

    William Margold Cast

  25. Photo of Gene Allan Poe

    Gene Allan Poe Cast

  26. Photo of Robert Savage

    Robert Savage Cast