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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Alex Vlad's rating of the film Far Cry

    I think this is the worst movie i've seen.

  2. Amanda's rating of the film Far Cry

    I watched the whole damn thing just for Udo Kier.

  3. postavant's rating of the film Far Cry

    Unlike most of Boll's schlock, the first two thirds of Far Cry succeed as typical DTV thriller fodder, only to disintegrate into worthless slop in the third act.

  4. chanandre's rating of the film Far Cry

    The game is a masterpiece, the cast is amazing (Don S. Davis+Bourdain? Wut?!) and yet this was a total wreck. Ai Uwe...

  5. Aart's rating of the film Far Cry

    Pretty horrible movie about a mad German scientists who experiments on humans on a tropic island. But at least Uwe Boll's latest attempt at making a movie has a somewhat comprehensible story, even if it's completely ridiculous and full of holes. Acting is as lame as you can expect from anything directed by Boll, but the action scenes are nicely done. Overall not too bad, but still a below average action flick.