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  1. Photo of Todd Haynes

    Todd Haynes Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of George Clooney

    George Clooney Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Eric Robison

    Eric Robison Executive Producer

  4. Photo of John Sloss

    John Sloss Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Steven Soderbergh

    Steven Soderbergh Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Tracy Brimm

    Tracy Brimm Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Jody Patton

    Jody Patton Producer

  8. Photo of Christine Vachon

    Christine Vachon Producer

  9. Photo of Edward Lachman

    Edward Lachman Cinematography

  10. Photo of Elmer Bernstein

    Elmer Bernstein Music

  11. Photo of Julianne Moore

    Julianne Moore Cast

  12. Photo of Dennis Quaid

    Dennis Quaid Cast

  13. Photo of Dennis Haysbert

    Dennis Haysbert Cast

  14. Photo of Patricia Clarkson

    Patricia Clarkson Cast

  15. Photo of Viola Davis

    Viola Davis Cast

  16. Photo of James Rebhorn

    James Rebhorn Cast

  17. Photo of Michael Gaston

    Michael Gaston Cast

  18. Photo of Celia Weston

    Celia Weston Cast

  19. Photo of James Lyons

    James Lyons Editing

  20. Photo of Mark Friedberg

    Mark Friedberg Production Design

  21. Photo of Sandy Powell

    Sandy Powell Costume Design

  22. Photo of John Wells

    John Wells Executive Producer