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  1. Le temps perdu's rating of the film Far from Men

    Old fashioned buddy movie, a western in Algeria.

  2. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Far from Men

  3. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film Far from Men

    Hard to find an emotional rising, but I'm not sure that might be a flaw in a Camus' adaptation. Another movie in the same year for Mortensen about great spaces and great landscapes as for Jauja, but the latter is a masterpiece, while this is just a good movie.

  4. Ahmed Hasan's rating of the film Far from Men

  5. Howard Orr's rating of the film Far from Men

    A sort of dilettante, Cliff Notes "art film" that is bound to irritate most people that like and are familiar with slow, thoughtful cinema. It contains the elements of a great film -a self-conscious, over-played performance from Mortensen, deep and meaningful culture clash, barren landscapes, etc.- with little of the judgement or intelligence of the master directors. 2.5*

  6. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Far from Men

  7. Alex Ander 0's rating of the film Far from Men

    Blegh, forgettable, contrived, constant lens glares. The film was unworthy to slaughter that lovely majestic black horse. Perhaps it'll be better appreciated by those who have read Exile and the Kingdom? or even less appreciated. I did notice some of Camus' influence at times, but toward the end when he rants about faith and stuff it didn't seem very Camus-esque at all. The landscape could have been better used too.

  8. muh.'s rating of the film Far from Men

    though it is based on camus' novel movie avoids its existentialism and functions more as a road movie focusing on morality, mores and being an outsider. the sweeping desert landscape manages to minimize the personal drama of characters while at the same time imposing itself as the only solid thing in their lives. on a lighter note, mortensen seems to be a pro at making other middle-aged men seem grossly inadequate.

  9. José Neves's rating of the film Far from Men

    An irrepressible cultural moment of European cinema: Camus and an adequate historical socio-political vision, with descriptive panoramic of spaces to ensure the amazement by local geography. Apart from a few moments that promise an idea of western - namely Hawks and Mann - filmed with little nerve, there is only an editing of descriptive succession of spaces, with men integrated in them, without shape.

  10. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Far from Men

    Almost but not quite...

  11. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Far from Men

    Highly recommended for those unlucky ones teaching in Neoliberal countries where education has been completely commodified, monetized, and mortified. Like in the United States, for example.

  12. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Far from Men

    Equally humane and sad, rather gentler than vibrant, the extremely well acted “Far From Men” addresses war, choices and courage in a very personalized way. (3.5 stars)

  13. Matt Richards's rating of the film Far from Men

    Viggo Mortensen does a great job as the glue that holds this tale of shifting alliance and duty together that mirrors so very well the political complexities of nationality and ancestry of today. The main support is underwritten however and a bit of a missed opportunity as we never really get more than one dimension from him. 3 stars

  14. Elena Lazic's rating of the film Far from Men

    3.5 Great story and great music as always from Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. Not much is missing for it to be really great.