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  1. Photo of Chen Kaige

    Chen Kaige Director

  2. Photo of Lillian Lee

    Lillian Lee Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lei Bik-Wa

    Lei Bik-Wa Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lu Wei

    Lu Wei Screenplay

  5. Photo of Feng Hsu

    Feng Hsu Producer

  6. Photo of Gu Changwei

    Gu Changwei Cinematography

  7. Photo of Zhao Jiping

    Zhao Jiping Music

  8. Photo of Leslie Cheung

    Leslie Cheung Cast

  9. Photo of Zhang Fengyi

    Zhang Fengyi Cast

  10. Photo of Gong Li

    Gong Li Cast

  11. Photo of Qi Lü

    Qi Lü Cast

  12. Photo of Ying Da

    Ying Da Cast

  13. Photo of Bin Hsu

    Bin Hsu Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Jade Hsu

    Jade Hsu Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Pei Xiaonan

    Pei Xiaonan Editing

  16. Photo of Yuhe Yang

    Yuhe Yang Production Design

  17. Photo of Zhanjia Yang

    Zhanjia Yang Production Design

  18. Photo of Ge You

    Ge You Cast

  19. Photo of Chun Li

    Chun Li Cast

  20. Photo of Han Lei

    Han Lei Cast

  21. Photo of Di Tong

    Di Tong Cast

  22. Photo of Mingwei Ma

    Mingwei Ma Cast

  23. Photo of Yang Fei

    Yang Fei Cast