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  1. Photo of Riccardo Pazzaglia

    Riccardo Pazzaglia Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mario Carotenuto

    Mario Carotenuto Cast

  3. Photo of Franco Franchi

    Franco Franchi Cast

  4. Photo of Ciccio Ingrassia

    Ciccio Ingrassia Cast

  5. Photo of Fiorenzo Fiorentini

    Fiorenzo Fiorentini Cast

  6. Photo of Gina Rovere

    Gina Rovere Cast

  7. Photo of Enzo Andronico

    Enzo Andronico Cast

  8. Photo of Antonio Allocca

    Antonio Allocca Cast

  9. Photo of Salvatore Baccaro

    Salvatore Baccaro Cast

  10. Photo of Nino Terzo

    Nino Terzo Cast

  11. Photo of Micaela Pignatelli

    Micaela Pignatelli Cast

  12. Photo of Carla Mancini

    Carla Mancini Cast

  13. Photo of Guglielmo Mancori

    Guglielmo Mancori Cinematography

  14. Photo of Ubaldo Montiniello

    Ubaldo Montiniello Music

  15. Photo of Mario Mariani

    Mario Mariani Producer

  16. Photo of Sandro Peticca

    Sandro Peticca Editing