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  1. Photo of Ingmar Bergman

    Ingmar Bergman Director, Screenplay, Producer Cast

  2. Photo of Arne Carlsson

    Arne Carlsson Cinematography

  3. Photo of Svante Pettersson

    Svante Pettersson Music

  4. Photo of Sigvard Hult

    Sigvard Hult Music

  5. Photo of Sylvia Ingemarsson

    Sylvia Ingemarsson Editing

  6. Photo of Richard Östman

    Richard Östman Cast

  7. Photo of Ulla Silfvergren

    Ulla Silfvergren Cast

  8. Photo of Annelie Nyström

    Annelie Nyström Cast

  9. Photo of Valter Broman

    Valter Broman Cast

  10. Photo of Per Broman

    Per Broman Cast

  11. Photo of Irene Broman

    Irene Broman Cast

  12. Photo of Inge Nordström

    Inge Nordström Cast

  13. Photo of Annika Liljegren

    Annika Liljegren Cast

  14. Photo of Arne Eriksson

    Arne Eriksson Cast

  15. Photo of Adolf Ekström

    Adolf Ekström Cast

  16. Photo of Viktoria Ekström

    Viktoria Ekström Cast

  17. Photo of Anton Ekström

    Anton Ekström Cast

  18. Photo of Erik Ekström

    Erik Ekström Cast

  19. Photo of Ingrid Ekman

    Ingrid Ekman Cast

  20. Photo of Per Ekman

    Per Ekman Cast

  21. Photo of Per Nordberg

    Per Nordberg Cast

  22. Photo of Gunilla Johannesson

    Gunilla Johannesson Cast

  23. Photo of Erik Hammarström

    Erik Hammarström Cast

  24. Photo of Herbert Olsson

    Herbert Olsson Cast

  25. Photo of Rune Nilsson

    Rune Nilsson Cast

  26. Photo of Joe Nordberg

    Joe Nordberg Cast

  27. Photo of Jan Nordberg

    Jan Nordberg Cast

  28. Photo of Rosa Olofsson

    Rosa Olofsson Cast