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  1. Photo of Simona Banchi

    Simona Banchi Cast

  2. Photo of Andrea Blarzino

    Andrea Blarzino Cast

  3. Photo of Valentina D'Alessandro

    Valentina D'Alessandro Cast

  4. Photo of Valeria Ferrari

    Valeria Ferrari Cast

  5. Photo of Irene Ferri

    Irene Ferri Cast

  6. Photo of Caterina Guzzanti

    Caterina Guzzanti Cast

  7. Photo of Corrado Guzzanti

    Corrado Guzzanti Cast, Producer Director

  8. Photo of Marco Marzocca

    Marco Marzocca Cast

  9. Photo of Paola Minaccioni

    Paola Minaccioni Cast

  10. Photo of Pasquale Petrolo

    Pasquale Petrolo Cast

  11. Photo of Annalisa Plantera

    Annalisa Plantera Cast

  12. Photo of Andrea Purgatori

    Andrea Purgatori Cast

  13. Photo of Carla Rak

    Carla Rak Cast

  14. Photo of Andrea Salerno

    Andrea Salerno Cast

  15. Photo of Carolina Such

    Carolina Such Cast

  16. Photo of Igor Skofic

    Igor Skofic Director

  17. Photo of Paola Cannatello

    Paola Cannatello Screenplay

  18. Photo of Domenico Procacci

    Domenico Procacci Producer

  19. Photo of Valerio Terenzio

    Valerio Terenzio Producer

  20. Photo of Cristiano Travaglioli

    Cristiano Travaglioli Editing