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  1. Photo of William Dieterle

    William Dieterle Director

  2. Photo of Harry Collins

    Harry Collins Screenplay

  3. Photo of Warren Duff

    Warren Duff Screenplay

  4. Photo of F. Hugh Herbert

    F. Hugh Herbert Screenplay

  5. Photo of Carl Erickson

    Carl Erickson Screenplay

  6. Photo of Gene Markey

    Gene Markey Screenplay

  7. Photo of Kathryn Scola

    Kathryn Scola Screenplay

  8. Photo of William Powell

    William Powell Cast

  9. Photo of Bette Davis

    Bette Davis Cast

  10. Photo of Frank McHugh

    Frank McHugh Cast

  11. Photo of Hugh Herbert

    Hugh Herbert Cast

  12. Photo of Verree Teasdale

    Verree Teasdale Cast

  13. Photo of Reginald Owen

    Reginald Owen Cast

  14. Photo of Henry O'Neill

    Henry O'Neill Cast

  15. Photo of Phillip Reed

    Phillip Reed Cast

  16. Photo of Gordon Westcott

    Gordon Westcott Cast

  17. Photo of Dorothy Burgess

    Dorothy Burgess Cast

  18. Photo of Etienne Girardot

    Etienne Girardot Cast

  19. Photo of William Burress

    William Burress Cast

  20. Photo of Nella Walker

    Nella Walker Cast

  21. Photo of Spencer Charters

    Spencer Charters Cast

  22. Photo of George Humbert

    George Humbert Cast

  23. Photo of Frank Darien

    Frank Darien Cast

  24. Photo of Harry Beresford

    Harry Beresford Cast

  25. Photo of William Rees

    William Rees Cinematography

  26. Photo of Jack Okey

    Jack Okey Production Design

  27. Photo of Willy Pogany

    Willy Pogany Production Design

  28. Photo of Henry Blanke

    Henry Blanke Producer

  29. Photo of Jack Killifer

    Jack Killifer Editing