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  1. Photo of Carlo Lastricati

    Carlo Lastricati Director

  2. Photo of Vittorio De Sica

    Vittorio De Sica Director, Music Cast

  3. Photo of Luciana Corda

    Luciana Corda Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ettore Maria Margadonna

    Ettore Maria Margadonna Screenplay

  5. Photo of Dino Risi

    Dino Risi Screenplay

  6. Photo of Joseph Stefano

    Joseph Stefano Screenplay

  7. Photo of Gina Lollobrigida

    Gina Lollobrigida Cast

  8. Photo of Dale Robertson

    Dale Robertson Cast

  9. Photo of Amedeo Nazzari

    Amedeo Nazzari Cast

  10. Photo of Carla Macelloni

    Carla Macelloni Cast

  11. Photo of Gabriella Pallotta

    Gabriella Pallotta Cast

  12. Photo of Luigi De Filippo

    Luigi De Filippo Cast

  13. Photo of Terence Hill

    Terence Hill Cast

  14. Photo of Clelia Matania

    Clelia Matania Cast

  15. Photo of Augusta Ciolli

    Augusta Ciolli Cast

  16. Photo of Renzo Cesana

    Renzo Cesana Cast

  17. Photo of Gigi Reder

    Gigi Reder Cast

  18. Photo of Marco Tulli

    Marco Tulli Cast

  19. Photo of Carlo Rizzo

    Carlo Rizzo Cast

  20. Photo of Emma Baron

    Emma Baron Cast

  21. Photo of Sandro Moretti

    Sandro Moretti Cast

  22. Photo of Ruth Volner

    Ruth Volner Cast

  23. Photo of Alfredo Ricalzone

    Alfredo Ricalzone Cast

  24. Photo of Marga Cella

    Marga Cella Cast

  25. Photo of Molly Robinson

    Molly Robinson Cast

  26. Photo of Fausto Guerzoni

    Fausto Guerzoni Cast

  27. Photo of Dori Romano

    Dori Romano Cast

  28. Photo of Pasquale Misiano

    Pasquale Misiano Cast

  29. Photo of Attilio Torelli

    Attilio Torelli Cast

  30. Photo of Peppino De Filippo

    Peppino De Filippo Cast

  31. Photo of Giuseppe Rotunno

    Giuseppe Rotunno Cinematography

  32. Photo of Alessandro Cicognini

    Alessandro Cicognini Music

  33. Photo of Gastone Medin

    Gastone Medin Production Design

  34. Photo of Marcello Girosi

    Marcello Girosi Producer

  35. Photo of Milko Skofic

    Milko Skofic Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Eraldo Da Roma

    Eraldo Da Roma Editing