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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film Fat Choi Spirit

    My all time film about gambling. There are so many good quotes in this film, on how to handle certain situations. "Winning money might not make me happy, sometimes playing well is enough. The worse the tiles the harder you have to play." It is feel good movie in the end as it was a CNY film with many funny moments. I do think you need a basic idea on MJ to fully appreciate the film but should be accessible to anyone

  2. Amy's rating of the film Fat Choi Spirit

    If I played Mahjong, I'd probably find this extra funny.

  3. CJ Roy's rating of the film Fat Choi Spirit

    The best thing one can say about a film based around games is how effective it is at keeping those unfamiliar in the loop while installing respect for the strategy and a desire to learn. To does this better then anyone else I can recall (including televised pro events) by letting his camera float free. Feels like the forefather for Sparrow's whimsical genius, it even captures finesse elegantly. (Just watch the hands)

  4. Jake Cole's rating of the film Fat Choi Spirit

    A delightfully silly comedy that hysterically puts mahjong through the sports movie gauntlet of clich├ęs for absurd effect. But it's also an earnest paean to sportsmanship, the notion that one's behavior for something so trivial really can reveal a person's heart. As a bonus, it contains the funniest CHUNGKING EXPRESS spoof I've ever seen: a girl cleans up her crush's apartment, only to make a right balls of it.