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  1. Tiba Hobus's rating of the film Fat Girl

  2. ig_____or's rating of the film Fat Girl

    Oh my... This was heavy. The final act left me so tense, and the entire film is pretty uncomfortable to sit through, but in a good way, as it neve gets dull or predictable. It made me wanna discover more of Breillat's work. If you're in the mood for a tainted summer vacation with some sister/family disfunction this is it.

  3. Dalia Ortiz Pon's rating of the film Fat Girl

    Wow, embarrassed to have this be a part of my viewing feed. I don't care what kind of commentary this movie attempted to make I'm not interested in dissecting the ins and outs of sexual assault, fat phobia and verbal abuse.

  4. lesminho's rating of the film Fat Girl

  5. tamarabazarova's rating of the film Fat Girl

    An instant favorite. This film investigates our contemporary state of sex panic -- which developed into a total reduction of female sexual pleasure and amounted to a failure of language. Art, or film, is a place where the complexity of pleasure and the roadblock of every conversation is dissected and further complicated. All pleasure should be complicated, and all fantasy must precede reality.

  6. Mateo Ibarra's rating of the film Fat Girl

    Without a doubt, the film is very odd, changing from normal conversations to violent crimes quickly. It's almost uneventful, which was a bit of a turn off for me. The ending ties everything up though, it's certainly abrupt, but the amount of themes and conversations that it starts around love and sexual assault it's incredible. Anyways, this might get better after some rewatches, but so far I thought it was good.

  7. Pancho Legaspi's rating of the film Fat Girl

    brilliant exploration of sisterhood and differences in development through teen angst. gotta admit i was a bit underwhelmed by the ending and its abrupt conclusion that seemed a bit rushed, the movie was good up til that.

  8. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Fat Girl

  9. Monica's rating of the film Fat Girl

  10. nur's rating of the film Fat Girl

  11. Mathilde's rating of the film Fat Girl

    Très intéressant mais maladroit voire grossier. Très fort dans le domaine de l'intime : qu'est qu'un viol ? + grossophobie mais tellement marqué que qu'est ce que ça veut dire ? Le film noue des noeuds qui taillent intimement la sexualité de chacun.

  12. JMKE's rating of the film Fat Girl

    Very realistic depiction of a man Good education

  13. 9DarkMistress2's rating of the film Fat Girl

    The ending totally blew everything I thought was going through lil Anais' head. All I can take from it was in her mind she wasn't raped because her view was it would be better for her for her first time to be with someone she didn't love.. maybe even a complete stranger.. especially when hearing her sister moan with pain and seeing her being fondled disgusted her so much.

  14. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Fat Girl

    4.5 One thing this movie confirms, young men’s shitty ways of manipulating young women into sex is just about the same in every culture

  15. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Fat Girl

    Finally a movie about an overweight teenage girl not used for ridicule and stupid comedy like in Hollywood. It tell about young girls and how they want to be deceived by the illusion of love when men want is to take the virginity of attractive girls. A pretty good coming-of-age movie except for a disturbing out-of-nowhere controversial ending making the film practically unwatchable for repeat viewing.

  16. Paulinacollard's rating of the film Fat Girl

    This movie was nothing i expected, in the wrong way of the sentence. I thought the was nothing to do with the theme of the movie, an unthoughtful ending. The character of the italian guy was a headache. I had a long time wanted to watch this this movie and it was a complete disappointment. I could've been a good movie about a girl who's having a hard time, but it wasn't.

  17. gld48's rating of the film Fat Girl

    Uncomfotable to watch.. like an axe to the head

  18. Diogo Xará's rating of the film Fat Girl

    the ending is so out of touch with the rest of the film that i can't decide if i loved or hated it

  19. bouvardila's rating of the film Fat Girl

    Randomly deciding to watch this movie, thought it tells a journey about a fat girl & how she accepts her body image:) Here are my thoughts after watching it : -Like the portrays of love-hate sibling relationship -The law man is a total fuckboi, asking her to do that in the name of "demonstration of love" wtf -Can't stop asking myself what kind of movie am i watching -Feeling uncomfortable -The ending got me shook

  20. Max Swanson's rating of the film Fat Girl

    A brutal and disturbing vision of teenage sexuality and sibling rivalry.

  21. MADAMEDE's rating of the film Fat Girl

  22. riraru's rating of the film Fat Girl

    Was für eine beknackte Wendung; ist ihr nichts anderes eingefallen? Der Schlußsatz reißt es wieder raus.

  23. FCC 86's rating of the film Fat Girl

    "Don't believe me, if you don't want to"

  24. Michael Diers's rating of the film Fat Girl

    Realistische Darstellung zweier ungleicher Schwestern, die durch Geschwisterliebe und Rivalität verbunden sind. Vom Erlebnis Sexualität gefordert, ja überfordert, werden sie auf eine harte Probe gestellt. Leider ist der deplatzierte Twist am Ende zu Interpretationswürdig geraten.

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