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  1. Leif Erikson's rating of the film Fate

  2. Destroyd's rating of the film Fate

    Those conversations were close to home. And i didn't expect this to be loosely based on Camus' The Stranger. Valid and relevant adaptation to be applied in secular country like Turkey. The moment when holy verses echoing through the cell and he sat there in boredom and emptiness is just... deep.

  3. narcekirdegi's rating of the film Fate

    the film is a kinda stand in silence to the novel of albert camus; stranger, but far from the novel. if the film is considered independently, good stone for turkish cinema; bbut not a milestone; neither for demirkubuz.

  4. msmichel's rating of the film Fate

    " ...but my soul was empty..." Demirkubuz's best to date is this incredibly well scripted take on Camus' "The Stranger" that offers a fascinating protagonist in an empty shell. The first of the director's 'tales of darkness' series. Performances are well drawn with the feel of a very slow burn. The interview/reading of confession scene is one for the ages. This is the film that truly firmed up Zeki's reputation.

  5. Xiao's rating of the film Fate

    " ...but my soul was empty.."

  6. mgaspa's rating of the film Fate

  7. nein's rating of the film Fate

    If you love Camus, you'll like Demirkubuz's 'Fate'. Zeki changed the novel's ending a little bit and that made it a little bit less electrifying than 'Stranger', I think. But maybe it's because I really love Camus.

  8. Hrino's rating of the film Fate

  9. Sunrise's rating of the film Fate

    Great analysis of nihilism that is also finds the humanism behind such vision and belief. The moment in which Musa's future wife makes a decision to stay with him, despite his flat and unemotional affect, reveals a stunning observation about how we are sometimes faced with the choice for an unemotional and unattached relationship because it provides more healthy possibilities than those that are. Fascinating!

  10. novanindro's rating of the film Fate

    believe in the emptiness and absurdity of life

  11. javo love's rating of the film Fate

  12. Ezgi M's rating of the film Fate

    so nihilist, makes you question, disturbing in a way.. since the last 10-15 minutes is an intellectual exercise - if u wish