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Ratings & Reviews

  1. lautrededor's rating of the film Fateless

    Read the book. It is amazing.

  2. Rosa Pozo's rating of the film Fateless

    la mejor interpretacion del genocidio nazi

  3. Andrés Baldíos's rating of the film Fateless

    The book is one of my favourite books ever. But in there, the indifference is the most horrifying mark of the plot, like a twin for Camus' "The Stranger". But the movie, with a different attitude by little György (he visibly cries and suffers; in the book he's the shocking presence of neutrality and emotional emptyness), made me believe in fate. Absolutely beautiful. Lajos Koltai should direct more film! genius!

  4. knockout ned's rating of the film Fateless

    Not even Daniel Craig can spoil it.