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  1. naokoken's rating of the film Father

    "History happened slowly. It happens slowly here." A bit like reading one of Robert Aickman's more oblique stories. "And there was only one way to cross the Urumea river, they could only cross it a Ergobia." Reminded me of other house documentaries Koolhaas Houselife and Pierre Henry: The Art of Sounds. "What could he say? He was dead." Loved the film projected onto the walls and overall cinematography. Fantastic.

  2. Feng Ling's rating of the film Father

    Some great compositions, esp during the stormy night. The solemn feeling history gives us... should maybe make us know what is more important. I would rather not to be memorized b/c I didn't want to pay toll across a river. Then again life is already "pointless" if all we do is for leaving some legacy, it would all be gone some day. Here we are at the hedonistic temptation (including doing art/pure math) again. help

  3. muse_x's rating of the film Father

    What a remarkable gem of a film. One surely NOT to be missed.

  4. David R Williams's rating of the film Father

    A treatise on time and history and life. An exploration of an abandoned space filled with memories and textured by the passage of time. A study of the people who are drawn to these places and who become a part of their history. The archival footage projected upon the aged walls is beautiful.

  5. corycorycorycory's rating of the film Father

    This draws on, perfectly. Just like the memories that live in the walls and the floors. Time moves slow, those ghosts move slow, the house's story, too, moves slow.

  6. Omus's rating of the film Father

    It's another movie that focuses on doorways and melancholy. Not much happens but it's still hard to take your eyes off of what is there.

  7. Francesco Sullo's rating of the film Father

    Beautiful. Without the scene with the school kids, it would have been a perfect movie.

  8.'s rating of the film Father

    Wonderful use of light, textures and abstract images in profound, unspoken relationship to human activity. Sometimes boring, often mystifying, but more and more rewarding as it moves to a tentative end

  9. Andrea's rating of the film Father

    I loved the photography and how the house itself represented a living body to defend and preserve; an overall nice movie but I couldn't cope with the projections on the walls, seemed a poor choice and distracted me from the stillness of the mostly-unhabited house.

  10. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film Father

  11. A-H-H-H's rating of the film Father

    The projected sequences are ridiculous against the interior walls of the estate, and would have worked fine as raw documentary footage. Despite the slow pace, the rhythms and cinematography were overcomplicated.

  12. Marinos Koutsomichalis's rating of the film Father

    Great photography and lighting. Great sound-design - minimal, discrete, almost silent at times. The film is slow and profound on its own terms. I think this is a very honest effort that worths our attention.

  13. Geert's rating of the film Father

    I like films with a slow pace, but this was too much. The lack of development in anything makes it really boring. The photography was beautiful though.

  14. MoscowBen's rating of the film Father

    Fundamentally boring! At least I learned something about how people drink cider in the Bask Country but that's not enough.

  15. José Luis Treviño Sandoval's rating of the film Father

    La interesante fotografía contrasta con su narrativa gratuitamente aburrida y sus diálogos directamente tontos (por fuera de lugar) y cansinamente pretenciosos. Sobresale la pifia de los lentos textos introductorios. ¿No podían narrarse visual o siquiera verbalmente? La atmósfera, por momentos lúgubremente cool, se pierde en su propia repetición hasta el tedio. Cohesión inexistente. Afortunadamente dura 49' y no 85'.

  16. V Daniel López's rating of the film Father

    Se hubiera reducido simplemente a un cortometraje o quedado en un ensayo literario; así hubiera estado excelente. En esta película, sale sobrando muchísimo tiempo y escenas.

  17. El Mau's rating of the film Father

    Esta bien filmada... pero... me aburrio...

  18. Slow Immersion's rating of the film Father

    One of the most meditative experiences I've had in cinema. Beautiful!