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  1. Photo of Alice O'Fredericks

    Alice O'Fredericks Director

  2. Photo of Henning Karmark

    Henning Karmark Producer

  3. Photo of Lau Lauritzen

    Lau Lauritzen Producer

  4. Photo of Lis Byrdal

    Lis Byrdal Screenplay

  5. Photo of Engholm

    Engholm Screenplay

  6. Photo of Hast

    Hast Screenplay

  7. Photo of Rudolf Frederiksen

    Rudolf Frederiksen Cinematography

  8. Photo of Ole Bram Knudsen

    Ole Bram Knudsen Cinematography

  9. Photo of Ib Schönberg

    Ib Schönberg Cast

  10. Photo of Birgitte Bruun

    Birgitte Bruun Cast

  11. Photo of Otto Møller Jensen

    Otto Møller Jensen Cast

  12. Photo of Rudi Hansen

    Rudi Hansen Cast

  13. Photo of Ole Neumann

    Ole Neumann Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Malberg

    Peter Malberg Cast

  15. Photo of Jørgen Reenberg

    Jørgen Reenberg Cast

  16. Photo of Ellen Carstensen Reenberg

    Ellen Carstensen Reenberg Cast

  17. Photo of Ove Sprogøe

    Ove Sprogøe Cast

  18. Photo of Sigurd Langberg

    Sigurd Langberg Cast

  19. Photo of Ib Mossin

    Ib Mossin Cast

  20. Photo of Paul Hagen

    Paul Hagen Cast

  21. Photo of Ilselil Larsen

    Ilselil Larsen Cast

  22. Photo of Wera Iwanouw

    Wera Iwanouw Editing

  23. Photo of Steini Sveinbjörnsson

    Steini Sveinbjörnsson Production Design

  24. Photo of Sven Gyldmark

    Sven Gyldmark Music

  25. Photo of Victor Skaarup

    Victor Skaarup Music

  26. Photo of Bent Høyer

    Bent Høyer Sound