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  1. Photo of Pasquale Squitieri

    Pasquale Squitieri Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Orazio Barrese

    Orazio Barrese Screenplay

  3. Photo of Massimo de Rita

    Massimo de Rita Screenplay

  4. Photo of Arduino Maiuri

    Arduino Maiuri Screenplay

  5. Photo of Giuliano Gemma

    Giuliano Gemma Cast

  6. Photo of Claudia Cardinale

    Claudia Cardinale Cast

  7. Photo of Francisco Rabal

    Francisco Rabal Cast

  8. Photo of Stefano Satta Flores

    Stefano Satta Flores Cast

  9. Photo of Michele Placido

    Michele Placido Cast

  10. Photo of Salvatore Billa

    Salvatore Billa Cast

  11. Photo of Remo Girone

    Remo Girone Cast

  12. Photo of Enrico Maisto

    Enrico Maisto Cast

  13. Photo of Tommaso Palladino

    Tommaso Palladino Cast

  14. Photo of Tony Kendall

    Tony Kendall Cast

  15. Photo of Vincent Gentile

    Vincent Gentile Cast

  16. Photo of Paola Alabiso

    Paola Alabiso Cast

  17. Photo of Francesco Anniballi

    Francesco Anniballi Cast

  18. Photo of Emilio Delle Piane

    Emilio Delle Piane Cast

  19. Photo of Bruno Di Luia

    Bruno Di Luia Cast

  20. Photo of Carlo Ferro

    Carlo Ferro Cast

  21. Photo of Dario Ghirardi

    Dario Ghirardi Cast

  22. Photo of Giovanni Giancono

    Giovanni Giancono Cast

  23. Photo of Mario Granato

    Mario Granato Cast

  24. Photo of Guia Jelo

    Guia Jelo Cast

  25. Photo of Peter Landers

    Peter Landers Cast

  26. Photo of Ubaldo Lo Presti

    Ubaldo Lo Presti Cast

  27. Photo of Rita Mari

    Rita Mari Cast

  28. Photo of Fulvio Mingozzi

    Fulvio Mingozzi Cast

  29. Photo of Giuseppe Morabito

    Giuseppe Morabito Cast

  30. Photo of Salvatore Moscardini

    Salvatore Moscardini Cast

  31. Photo of Vincenzo Norvese

    Vincenzo Norvese Cast

  32. Photo of Orazio Orlando

    Orazio Orlando Cast

  33. Photo of Agatino Pellizzeri

    Agatino Pellizzeri Cast

  34. Photo of Salvatore Puntillo

    Salvatore Puntillo Cast

  35. Photo of Giuseppe Sapienza

    Giuseppe Sapienza Cast

  36. Photo of Salvatore Torrisi

    Salvatore Torrisi Cast

  37. Photo of Sebastiano Torrisi

    Sebastiano Torrisi Cast

  38. Photo of Nunzia Vegna

    Nunzia Vegna Cast

  39. Photo of Eugenio Bentivoglio

    Eugenio Bentivoglio Cinematography

  40. Photo of Ennio Morricone

    Ennio Morricone Music

  41. Photo of Umberto Turco

    Umberto Turco Production Design

  42. Photo of Mario Cecchi Gori

    Mario Cecchi Gori Producer

  43. Photo of Mauro Bonanni

    Mauro Bonanni Editing