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  1. Photo of Uli M. Schüppel

    Uli M. Schüppel Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Olivier Picot

    Olivier Picot Cast

  3. Photo of Heidrun Bartholomäus

    Heidrun Bartholomäus Cast

  4. Photo of Mirosław Baka

    Mirosław Baka Cast

  5. Photo of Alexander Hacke

    Alexander Hacke Cast and Music

  6. Photo of Ferdinand Potel

    Ferdinand Potel Cast

  7. Photo of Cristin König

    Cristin König Cast

  8. Photo of Thomas Werrlich

    Thomas Werrlich Cast

  9. Photo of Myriam Abbas

    Myriam Abbas Cast

  10. Photo of Gudrun Okras

    Gudrun Okras Cast

  11. Photo of Jercy Gotzko

    Jercy Gotzko Cast

  12. Photo of Ciro Cappellari

    Ciro Cappellari Cinematography

  13. Photo of Mick Harvey

    Mick Harvey Music

  14. Photo of Inge Schneider

    Inge Schneider Editing

  15. Photo of Jörg Bohlmann

    Jörg Bohlmann Sound

  16. Photo of Nanette Kreusberg

    Nanette Kreusberg Sound