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  1. Photo of Hrafn Gunnlaugsson

    Hrafn Gunnlaugsson Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Magnus Eiriksson

    Magnus Eiriksson Music

  3. Photo of Gunnar Þórðarson

    Gunnar Þórðarson Music

  4. Photo of Snorri Þórisson

    Snorri Þórisson Cinematography and Producer

  5. Photo of Jakob Þór Einarsson

    Jakob Þór Einarsson Cast

  6. Photo of Hólmfríður Þórhallsdóttir

    Hólmfríður Þórhallsdóttir Cast

  7. Photo of Guðrún Þórðardóttir

    Guðrún Þórðardóttir Cast

  8. Photo of Jóhann Sigurðsson

    Jóhann Sigurðsson Cast

  9. Photo of Sveinn M. Eiðsson

    Sveinn M. Eiðsson Cast

  10. Photo of Ingimundur Jónsson

    Ingimundur Jónsson Cast

  11. Photo of Ólína Jónsdóttir

    Ólína Jónsdóttir Cast

  12. Photo of Daðey Jónsdóttir

    Daðey Jónsdóttir Cast

  13. Photo of Magnús Ólafsson

    Magnús Ólafsson Cast

  14. Photo of Theódóra Þórðardóttir

    Theódóra Þórðardóttir Cast

  15. Photo of Þórhalla Arnardóttir

    Þórhalla Arnardóttir Cast

  16. Photo of Helga Hjörvar

    Helga Hjörvar Cast

  17. Photo of Gunnlaugur Egilsson

    Gunnlaugur Egilsson Cast

  18. Photo of Ása Sólveig

    Ása Sólveig Cast

  19. Photo of Björg Jónsdóttir

    Björg Jónsdóttir Cast

  20. Photo of Sigrún Edda Björnsdóttir

    Sigrún Edda Björnsdóttir Cast

  21. Photo of Sigurlaug Bragadóttir

    Sigurlaug Bragadóttir Cast

  22. Photo of Jon Gudmundsson

    Jon Gudmundsson Cast

  23. Photo of Elísabet Guðmundsdóttir

    Elísabet Guðmundsdóttir Cast