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  1. Photo of Aurora Bautista

    Aurora Bautista Costume Design

  2. Photo of Ining Davad

    Ining Davad Costume Design

  3. Photo of Mayette Perez

    Mayette Perez Costume Design

  4. Photo of Mario O'Hara

    Mario O'Hara Director

  5. Photo of Lily Y. Monteverde

    Lily Y. Monteverde Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Ricardo De Guzman

    Ricardo De Guzman Producer

  7. Photo of Joey Gosiengfiao

    Joey Gosiengfiao Producer

  8. Photo of Ronald Stephen Monteverde

    Ronald Stephen Monteverde Producer

  9. Photo of Frank Rivera

    Frank Rivera Screenplay

  10. Photo of Romulo Araojo

    Romulo Araojo Cinematography

  11. Photo of Kris Aquino

    Kris Aquino Cast

  12. Photo of Zoren Legaspi

    Zoren Legaspi Cast

  13. Photo of John Regala

    John Regala Cast

  14. Photo of Janice de Belen

    Janice de Belen Cast

  15. Photo of Gina Pareño

    Gina Pareño Cast

  16. Photo of Perla Bautista

    Perla Bautista Cast

  17. Photo of Leni Santos

    Leni Santos Cast

  18. Photo of Shintaro Valdez

    Shintaro Valdez Cast

  19. Photo of Bob Soler

    Bob Soler Cast

  20. Photo of Naty Mallares

    Naty Mallares Cast

  21. Photo of Noni Mauricio

    Noni Mauricio Cast

  22. Photo of Carmen Enriquez

    Carmen Enriquez Cast

  23. Photo of Dante Balaois

    Dante Balaois Cast

  24. Photo of Brando Legaspi

    Brando Legaspi Cast

  25. Photo of Josie Galvez

    Josie Galvez Cast

  26. Photo of George Jarlego

    George Jarlego Editing

  27. Photo of Benjie De Guzman

    Benjie De Guzman Production Design

  28. Photo of Nonong Buencamino

    Nonong Buencamino Music