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  1. Alexine Chanel's rating of the film Fatso

    super sweet, insanely funny, AND, a pretty nice insight into the norwegian/sweedish family rivalry thing.

  2. eberhard's rating of the film Fatso

  3. Michael Diers's rating of the film Fatso

    Eine Mischung aus Liebes - und Tragikomödie über das Spannungsfeld zwischen Liebe und sexueller Begierde. Musik und Zeichentricktechniken, so wie sehr poppige Farben waren erfrischend für dieses Genre.

  4. AVA's rating of the film Fatso

    Eine burleske Darstellung der Schüchternheit,die, unverborgen ,so ganz fremd in dieser coolen Zeit. Toll gespielt von N.J.Kaalstad.

  5. bloodymarry's rating of the film Fatso

    really cheap story.not funny

  6. Peters's rating of the film Fatso

    Dieser Film stigmatisiert dicke Menschen! In dieser vermeintlichen Komödie wird die Würde von Menschen mit hohem Körpergewicht in schlimmer Weise verletzt.

  7. tiagovitoria's rating of the film Fatso

    The new approach of the Nordic film. Fatso is a film that blends many unpredictable ways of telling stories between the narrative. It's a good movie but very dull, because sometimes the story gets unchanging throughout the film.

  8. MR. Universe's rating of the film Fatso

    Really enjoyed it more then i thought not spectacularly written or directed but it hit the right notes and had a story i could really identify with. I liked the film's frankness that would be hard to get away with in america and come off as intelligent and fun instead of juvenile and stupid. One of the few foreign films i wouldn't mind seeing a remake. Maybe a bit more emotional and funny