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  1. Photo of David Quinn

    David Quinn Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mark Frost

    Mark Frost Cast

  3. Photo of Isabel Brook

    Isabel Brook Cast

  4. Photo of Jennifer Rope

    Jennifer Rope Cast

  5. Photo of Jeffrey Combs

    Jeffrey Combs Cast

  6. Photo of Mónica Van Campen

    Mónica Van Campen Cast

  7. Photo of Leslie Charles

    Leslie Charles Cast

  8. Photo of Fermí Reixach

    Fermí Reixach Cast

  9. Photo of Junix Nocian

    Junix Nocian Cast

  10. Photo of Andrew Divoff

    Andrew Divoff Cast

  11. Photo of Jacques Haitkin

    Jacques Haitkin Cinematography

  12. Photo of Xavier Capellas

    Xavier Capellas Music

  13. Photo of Isidre Prunés

    Isidre Prunés Production Design

  14. Photo of Julio Fernández

    Julio Fernández Producer

  15. Photo of Brian Yuzna

    Brian Yuzna Producer and Director

  16. Photo of Carlos Fernández

    Carlos Fernández Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Luis de la Madrid

    Luis de la Madrid Editing

  18. Photo of Dani Fontrodona

    Dani Fontrodona Sound

  19. Photo of Salva Mayolas

    Salva Mayolas Sound