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  1. Photo of Álex Ollé

    Álex Ollé Director

  2. Photo of Isidro Ortiz

    Isidro Ortiz Director

  3. Photo of Carlos Padrisa

    Carlos Padrisa Director

  4. Photo of Eduardo Campoy

    Eduardo Campoy Producer

  5. Photo of Ramón Vidal

    Ramón Vidal Producer

  6. Photo of Fernando León de Aranoa

    Fernando León de Aranoa Screenplay

  7. Photo of Miguel Ángel Solá

    Miguel Ángel Solá Cast

  8. Photo of Eduard Fernández

    Eduard Fernández Cast

  9. Photo of Najwa Nimri

    Najwa Nimri Cast

  10. Photo of Raquel González

    Raquel González Cast

  11. Photo of Irene Montalà

    Irene Montalà Cast

  12. Photo of Carmen Contreras

    Carmen Contreras Cast

  13. Photo of Josep Maria Sanou

    Josep Maria Sanou Music

  14. Photo of Toni Mir

    Toni Mir Music

  15. Photo of Pedro del Rey

    Pedro del Rey Cinematography

  16. Photo of Manel G. Frasquiel

    Manel G. Frasquiel Editing

  17. Photo of Leo Casamitjana

    Leo Casamitjana Production Design

  18. Photo of Ferran Mengod

    Ferran Mengod Sound

  19. Photo of Cristina Piaget

    Cristina Piaget Cast

  20. Photo of Pep Molina

    Pep Molina Cast

  21. Photo of Xavier Soler

    Xavier Soler Cast

  22. Photo of Miguel Ángel García

    Miguel Ángel García Cast

  23. Photo of Juan Fernández

    Juan Fernández Cast