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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Etienne Eve's rating of the film Fear

    2, just because Mark Wahlberg

  2. Matt Burgess's rating of the film Fear

    Incredibly stupid, conservative and anti-sex but there's a lot of "erotic teen thriller" fun to be had if you shut your brain off and enjoy all the trashy melodrama and 90s aesthetics (even though the cheap thrills of Marky Mark shirtless at his peak and Reese Witherspoon's short skirts can't hide the abysmal script). The infamous rollercoaster fingerbang scene however is genuinely amazing and perfect in every way

  3. Joe Hackman's rating of the film Fear

    Kind of all over the place, abrupt ending, but well-directed. Interesting portrayal of sociopathic behavior, always fun to watch Marky Mark go crazy on camera.

  4. olivia marion's rating of the film Fear

    I think my favorite part about this movie was how abrupt the ending was..."BIG ACTION - soft music - CREDITS" Ah...hilarity.

  5. Eleanor Abernathy's rating of the film Fear

    bad. very very bad except for mark walberg who was scary as hell.

  6. f-nanda's rating of the film Fear

    Until today, I couldnt forgot the dog's head!

  7. Joe Bowman's rating of the film Fear

    Mark Wahlberg is the best person to get seated next to when riding a rollercoaster.