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  1. Photo of Stephen Dorff

    Stephen Dorff Cast

  2. Photo of Natascha McElhone

    Natascha McElhone Cast

  3. Photo of Stephen Rea

    Stephen Rea Cast

  4. Photo of Udo Kier

    Udo Kier Cast

  5. Photo of Jeffrey Combs

    Jeffrey Combs Cast

  6. Photo of Nigel Terry

    Nigel Terry Cast

  7. Photo of Amelia Shankley

    Amelia Shankley Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Sarrazin

    Michael Sarrazin Cast

  9. Photo of Gesine Cukrowski

    Gesine Cukrowski Cast

  10. Photo of Siobhan Flynn

    Siobhan Flynn Cast

  11. Photo of William Malone

    William Malone Director

  12. Photo of Josephine Coyle

    Josephine Coyle Screenplay

  13. Photo of Rudy Cohen

    Rudy Cohen Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Mark Damon

    Mark Damon Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Moshe Diamant

    Moshe Diamant Producer and Screenplay

  16. Photo of Frank Hübner

    Frank Hübner Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Elie Samaha

    Elie Samaha Executive Producer

  18. Photo of David Saunders

    David Saunders Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Romain Schroeder

    Romain Schroeder Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Nicholas Pike

    Nicholas Pike Music

  22. Photo of Alan Strachan

    Alan Strachan Editing

  23. Photo of Christian Sebaldt

    Christian Sebaldt Cinematography