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  1. Photo of Sinikka Hannula

    Sinikka Hannula Cast

  2. Photo of Jaakko Pakkasvirta

    Jaakko Pakkasvirta Cast

  3. Photo of Pehr-Olof Sirén

    Pehr-Olof Sirén Cast

  4. Photo of Kyllikki Forssell

    Kyllikki Forssell Cast

  5. Photo of Jyrki Pälviö

    Jyrki Pälviö Cast

  6. Photo of Lenita Airisto

    Lenita Airisto Cast

  7. Photo of Pertti Roisko

    Pertti Roisko Cast

  8. Photo of Anitra Invenius

    Anitra Invenius Cast

  9. Photo of Sirpa Silvennoinen

    Sirpa Silvennoinen Cast

  10. Photo of Maija Lehtonen

    Maija Lehtonen Cast

  11. Photo of Saara Pakkasvirta

    Saara Pakkasvirta Cast

  12. Photo of Anneli Tuominen

    Anneli Tuominen Cast

  13. Photo of Timo E. Helin

    Timo E. Helin Cast

  14. Photo of Anneli Kangas

    Anneli Kangas Cast

  15. Photo of Eva Lindholm

    Eva Lindholm Cast

  16. Photo of Aarni Krohn

    Aarni Krohn Cast

  17. Photo of Aito Mäkinen

    Aito Mäkinen Cast

  18. Photo of Raija Roiha

    Raija Roiha Cast

  19. Photo of Usko Meriläinen

    Usko Meriläinen Music

  20. Photo of Maunu Kurkvaara

    Maunu Kurkvaara Production Design, Editing, Director, Cinematography & 2 more
    Maunu Kurkvaara Production Design, Editing, Director, Cinematography, Screenplay, Producer

  21. Photo of Tuomo Kattilakoski

    Tuomo Kattilakoski Sound