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  1. Photo of Cui Zi'en

    Cui Zi'en Director, Cast, Executive Producer, Screenplay & 1 more
    Cui Zi'en Director, Cast, Executive Producer, Screenplay, Music

  2. Photo of Jia Ge

    Jia Ge Cast

  3. Photo of Hou Jian

    Hou Jian Cast

  4. Photo of Zhen Li

    Zhen Li Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Liu Shujing

    Liu Shujing Producer

  6. Photo of Du Jiayi

    Du Jiayi Producer

  7. Photo of Yu Bin

    Yu Bin Cast

  8. Photo of Wen Wen

    Wen Wen Cast

  9. Photo of Zhang Shiqin

    Zhang Shiqin Cast

  10. Photo of Zhang Jian

    Zhang Jian Cast and Music

  11. Photo of Sun Bin

    Sun Bin Cast

  12. Photo of Liu An'an

    Liu An'an Cast

  13. Photo of Hong Lifeng

    Hong Lifeng Cast

  14. Photo of Wang Ruiqi

    Wang Ruiqi Cast

  15. Photo of Yuan Deqiang

    Yuan Deqiang Cinematography and Sound

  16. Photo of Gao Bojie

    Gao Bojie Editing

  17. Photo of Qi Jiang

    Qi Jiang Editing

  18. Photo of Zhang Huilin

    Zhang Huilin Sound, Executive Producer Cinematography