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  1. 9DarkMistress2's rating of the film Felidae

    Darkest Cartoon I've Ever Seen!

  2. Bob's rating of the film Felidae

    Disturbing imagery echos the likes of "Watership Down" and "Plague Dogs". But this one is not nearly as devastating as those films. It functions as a murder mystery mashed together with occultism and science. It sounds a lot more interesting than it really is. Unique and bold approach is overshadowed with the plot that becomes more and more tedious as it develops. So it's equally worthy of respect and indifference.

  3. Lex Lucas's rating of the film Felidae

    It's a fresh movie. This simple adult detective story with this animation in the world of cats, is absolutely refreshing. SPOILER Is it me, or the main drive of the antagonist is an echo to world war two master race ?

  4. Dries's rating of the film Felidae

  5. Pascal Müller's rating of the film Felidae

    Warum wird der Film bei so tollen Sprechern nicht auf Deutsch zur Verfügugn gestellt?

  6. ac's rating of the film Felidae

    wow. crazy. i was not expecting this. good though, even if a bit much. definitely not for children.

  7. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Felidae

    An extraordinarily dark and partly disturbing film. I have to admit that I like the English version far better than the original version with German speakers.

  8. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Felidae

    Animated noir about cats? I don't think I saw anything like this before. Quite explicit and certainly not a movie you'd like your kids to watch.

  9. lowplacelikehome's rating of the film Felidae

    Not for kids, there's a fair amount of beastility involved.

  10. animalcalls's rating of the film Felidae

    A sexually violent spree killer leaves their victims on display with their heads decapitated, their innards unraveled, their blood splattered. A dark cult honors a deceased prophet, their motives unclear. A secret, underground mass grave only complicates the matter. There is only one fearless soul who traverses this hellscape to get to the answer. Oh, also they're all animated cats. Bizarrely entertaining.

  11. .:BuNNii:.'s rating of the film Felidae

    The darkest cartoon I've ever seen!

  12. l's rating of the film Felidae

    This made me really uncomfortable, and not because of the cartoon gore.

  13. Albrecht B. Christoph's rating of the film Felidae

    Cooler Katzenkrimi mit echten Nazikatzen.

  14. Georg's rating of the film Felidae

    Great German cast. Adult cartoon. Loved it.

  15. Kalib Butler's rating of the film Felidae

    My friends wife, who hates horror films loved watching this with me. She was entranced by it and I thoroughly it enjoyed myself.

  16. Mohammad Aboomar's rating of the film Felidae

    The best cat-related animation I've seen.

  17. Luis Valenzuela's rating of the film Felidae

    Great plot that revolves around a murder mistery that its actually very detailed and interesting. Violent, haunting nightmare sequences, great animation and a really mature and dark themed animated film. Not only great as an animated movie, but as a thriller in general as well. Do you still think that animation is just for kids? Think again after watching Francis solving this gruesome case. Check it out, great film.

  18. David's rating of the film Felidae

    Really entertaining, superb animation, enjoyable story. Definitely not for kids.

  19. Ademption's rating of the film Felidae

    Cat noir. Gory, but decent mystery starring animated cats.

  20. Sandy Connell's rating of the film Felidae

    I read some comments on a thread linked to the film saying, "Not so much for kids, there are few scenes that might seem bit upsetting for some parents. But in my opinion, it is nothing really to worry about." -- What?! There's a dream sequence of dead kitties being jiggled like puppets on strings with their innards hanging-out! I'm glad I saw when I was old enough not to have nightmares about eviscerated cats.

  21. Johnny DuBiel's rating of the film Felidae

    A nice subversion of the Disney anthropomorphic talking animal formula. More unnerving than even the more harrowing moments in 'Watership Down', because the cats are given more outright human characteristics than the rabbits in that other film. There are some moments in this one that will stay with you.

  22. nikki's rating of the film Felidae

    A real nice mystery and an interesting premise. Weird soundtrack though.

  23. LETTERBOXD.COM/XESCIE's rating of the film Felidae