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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Felix and Lola

    Malgré des acteurs (qui semblent) convaincus de leurs rôles, une histoire un peu languissante et légère dont la minceur du sujet peut déconcerter...

  2. KiNo's rating of the film Felix and Lola

    i borrow the word 'fluff' from Dan to describe this film. But, i will add terrible also. A great song by Alain Bashung is the only worthwhile thing to be found.

  3. Dan.'s rating of the film Felix and Lola

    a mildly enjoyable film with a lot of fluff dialogue. There were quite a few really well shot scenes that showed glimpses of how good the film could be had it been done with a bit more care and attention to detail. It feels a lot like a godard movie, once i saw Lola's character, she immediately reminded me of Anna karina in pierrot le fou, in mannerisms, looks and overall mysterious character. a worth while watch