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  1. Photo of Tibor Hernádi

    Tibor Hernádi Director

  2. Photo of József Bujtár

    József Bujtár Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Janos Schenk

    Janos Schenk Producer

  4. Photo of Pete Brown

    Pete Brown Screenplay

  5. Photo of Joseph Oriolo

    Joseph Oriolo Screenplay

  6. Photo of László Radocsay

    László Radocsay Cinematography

  7. Photo of Chris Phillips

    Chris Phillips Cast

  8. Photo of Maureen O'Connell

    Maureen O'Connell Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Newman

    Peter Newman Cast

  10. Photo of Susan Montanaro

    Susan Montanaro Cast

  11. Photo of Don Oriolo

    Don Oriolo Cast, Producer Screenplay

  12. Photo of Christian Schneider

    Christian Schneider Cast and Producer

  13. Photo of David Kolin

    David Kolin Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Fremer

    Michael Fremer Cast

  15. Photo of Valeria Schenk

    Valeria Schenk Editing

  16. Photo of Tibor Belay

    Tibor Belay Production Design

  17. Photo of Christopher L. Stone

    Christopher L. Stone Music

  18. Photo of Sonya Aleksieva

    Sonya Aleksieva Animation

  19. Photo of Zuzanna Benkowska

    Zuzanna Benkowska Animation

  20. Photo of Magdolna Bozsóki

    Magdolna Bozsóki Animation

  21. Photo of Marek Burda

    Marek Burda Animation

  22. Photo of Elzbieta Burek

    Elzbieta Burek Animation

  23. Photo of Harry Cohen

    Harry Cohen Sound

  24. Photo of Alice Playten

    Alice Playten Cast