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  1. Photo of Jean-Paul Salomé

    Jean-Paul Salomé Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Laurent Vachaud

    Laurent Vachaud Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sophie Marceau

    Sophie Marceau Cast

  4. Photo of Julie Depardieu

    Julie Depardieu Cast

  5. Photo of Marie Gillain

    Marie Gillain Cast

  6. Photo of Déborah François

    Déborah François Cast

  7. Photo of Moritz Bleibtreu

    Moritz Bleibtreu Cast

  8. Photo of Maya Sansa

    Maya Sansa Cast

  9. Photo of Julien Boisselier

    Julien Boisselier Cast

  10. Photo of Vincent Rottiers

    Vincent Rottiers Cast

  11. Photo of Volker Bruch

    Volker Bruch Cast

  12. Photo of Robin Renucci

    Robin Renucci Cast

  13. Photo of Xavier Beauvois

    Xavier Beauvois Cast

  14. Photo of Colin David Reese

    Colin David Reese Cast

  15. Photo of Pascal Ridao

    Pascal Ridao Cinematography

  16. Photo of Bruno Coulais

    Bruno Coulais Music

  17. Photo of Françoise Dupertuis

    Françoise Dupertuis Production Design

  18. Photo of Éric Névé

    Éric Névé Producer

  19. Photo of Marie-Pierre Renaud

    Marie-Pierre Renaud Editing