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  1. Log Lady's rating of the film Female

    "Because I'm a man and I prefer to do my own hunting." What begins as a fresh pre-Code fun (although an undeniably sexist one, when you think about a role reversal: inviting your employees for dinner to discuss "business" and then getting rid of them when you've had your fun), falls flat by exposing Alison's persona of a hard-working and determined career woman as a facade that needs to be torn down by the right man.

  2. bryanvmh's rating of the film Female

  3. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Female

    She rules. Highly recommended.

  4. Andrew Birch's rating of the film Female

    He can only respect her in the context of business, a context in which there's no room for emotions or human relationships. She, unable to reduce herself to a calculating machine, instead makes herself nothing in his eyes, in order that he may love her. The much derided ending actually completes the film (unintentionally, to be sure) in its portrayal of the dialectical mutual dependency of capitalism and patriarchy.

  5. Dave's rating of the film Female

    I'll agree that the ending really doesn't fit, but the 3/4 of the way up to that point were a great pre-code film. Even with the tacked on ending, still a very good film. Chatterton is outstanding. Recommended.

  6. axsaxs's rating of the film Female

    It was so great until that tacked on ending. Such a frequent affliction for Hollywood movies, even today.

  7. MarcH's rating of the film Female

    Chatterton is wonderful. How about a retrospective on this lady?

  8. Acerk21's rating of the film Female

    How about that ending?!?...the feminists will love that one!