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  1. Photo of Gianni Franciolini

    Gianni Franciolini Director

  2. Photo of Pasquale Festa Campanile

    Pasquale Festa Campanile Screenplay

  3. Photo of Massimo Franciosa

    Massimo Franciosa Screenplay

  4. Photo of Peppino De Filippo

    Peppino De Filippo Cast

  5. Photo of Eduardo De Filippo

    Eduardo De Filippo Cast

  6. Photo of Titina De Filippo

    Titina De Filippo Cast

  7. Photo of Vittorio De Sica

    Vittorio De Sica Cast

  8. Photo of Aldo Fabrizi

    Aldo Fabrizi Cast

  9. Photo of Marcello Mastroianni

    Marcello Mastroianni Cast

  10. Photo of Leslie Phillips

    Leslie Phillips Cast

  11. Photo of Renato Rascel

    Renato Rascel Cast

  12. Photo of Jacqueline Sassard

    Jacqueline Sassard Cast

  13. Photo of Rosanna Schiaffino

    Rosanna Schiaffino Cast

  14. Photo of Nino Taranto

    Nino Taranto Cast

  15. Photo of Memmo Carotenuto

    Memmo Carotenuto Cast

  16. Photo of Pietro De Vico

    Pietro De Vico Cast

  17. Photo of Giacomo Furia

    Giacomo Furia Cast

  18. Photo of Audrey McDonald

    Audrey McDonald Cast

  19. Photo of Marcello Paolini

    Marcello Paolini Cast

  20. Photo of Nino Vingelli

    Nino Vingelli Cast

  21. Photo of Enzo Maggio

    Enzo Maggio Cast

  22. Photo of Mario Montuori

    Mario Montuori Cinematography

  23. Photo of Angelo Francesco Lavagnino

    Angelo Francesco Lavagnino Music

  24. Photo of Flavio Mogherini

    Flavio Mogherini Production Design

  25. Photo of Silvio Clementelli

    Silvio Clementelli Producer

  26. Photo of Mario Serandrei

    Mario Serandrei Editing