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  1. Photo of Simon Singh

    Simon Singh Director

  2. Photo of Eve Matheson

    Eve Matheson Self

  3. Photo of John Coates

    John Coates Self

  4. Photo of John Conway

    John Conway Self

  5. Photo of Nick Katz

    Nick Katz Self

  6. Photo of Barry Mazur

    Barry Mazur Self

  7. Photo of Ken Ribet

    Ken Ribet Self

  8. Photo of Peter Sarnak

    Peter Sarnak Self

  9. Photo of Goro Shimura

    Goro Shimura Self

  10. Photo of Andrew Wiles

    Andrew Wiles Self

  11. Photo of Rickie Gauld

    Rickie Gauld Cinematography

  12. Photo of Randall Love

    Randall Love Cinematography

  13. Photo of Joe Vitagliano

    Joe Vitagliano Cinematography

  14. Photo of John Lynch

    John Lynch Producer, Screenplay Editing

  15. Photo of Horacio Queiro

    Horacio Queiro Editing

  16. Photo of Damon Osborne

    Damon Osborne Sound

  17. Photo of Dave Lezynski

    Dave Lezynski Sound

  18. Photo of John Cameron

    John Cameron Sound

  19. Photo of Lesley Marr

    Lesley Marr Animation