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  1. Photo of Dragoslav Lazic

    Dragoslav Lazic Director

  2. Photo of Ljubiša Kozomara

    Ljubiša Kozomara Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gordan Mihić

    Gordan Mihić Screenplay

  4. Photo of Bekim Fehmiu

    Bekim Fehmiu Cast

  5. Photo of Ana Matić

    Ana Matić Cast

  6. Photo of Dušica Žegarac

    Dušica Žegarac Cast

  7. Photo of Milan Jelic

    Milan Jelic Cast

  8. Photo of Stole Aranđelović

    Stole Aranđelović Cast

  9. Photo of Stevo Žigon

    Stevo Žigon Cast

  10. Photo of Milorad Jakšić-Fangio

    Milorad Jakšić-Fangio Cinematography

  11. Photo of Dušan Radić

    Dušan Radić Music

  12. Photo of Vlatko Gilic

    Vlatko Gilic Production Design

  13. Photo of Radomir Stefanović

    Radomir Stefanović Producer

  14. Photo of Dragoslav Radoičić-Beli

    Dragoslav Radoičić-Beli Producer

  15. Photo of Vuksan Lukovac

    Vuksan Lukovac Editing

  16. Photo of Živko Pivnički

    Živko Pivnički Sound

  17. Photo of Božidar Vukadinović

    Božidar Vukadinović Sound

  18. Photo of Dunja Klemenc

    Dunja Klemenc Costume Design