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  1. Photo of Emil Loteanu

    Emil Loteanu Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sergei Lunkevich

    Sergei Lunkevich Cast

  3. Photo of Dumitru Hãbãsescu

    Dumitru Hãbãsescu Cast

  4. Photo of Jenea Rolko

    Jenea Rolko Cast

  5. Photo of Galina Vodnyatskaya

    Galina Vodnyatskaya Cast

  6. Photo of Olga Câmpeanu

    Olga Câmpeanu Cast

  7. Photo of Angelica Iascencu

    Angelica Iascencu Cast

  8. Photo of Willy Musoian

    Willy Musoian Cast

  9. Photo of Haralambie Berdaga

    Haralambie Berdaga Cast

  10. Photo of Grigore Grigoriu

    Grigore Grigoriu Cast

  11. Photo of Svetlana Toma

    Svetlana Toma Cast

  12. Photo of Valeriu Cupcea

    Valeriu Cupcea Cast

  13. Photo of Mircea Sotsky-Voinicescu

    Mircea Sotsky-Voinicescu Cast

  14. Photo of Viktor Sotsky-Voinicescu

    Viktor Sotsky-Voinicescu Cast

  15. Photo of Dumitru Fusu

    Dumitru Fusu Cast

  16. Photo of Mihai Timofti

    Mihai Timofti Cast

  17. Photo of Viktor Chutak

    Viktor Chutak Cast

  18. Photo of Vitali Kalashnikov

    Vitali Kalashnikov Cinematography

  19. Photo of I. Burdin

    I. Burdin Music

  20. Photo of Yevgeni Doga

    Yevgeni Doga Music

  21. Photo of Gheorghe Dimitriu

    Gheorghe Dimitriu Production Design