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  1. ammar's rating of the film Fidelity

  2. Jeremy Tamura's rating of the film Fidelity

    A great film with amazing performances by the main actors. Zulawski's style is at his best and the film shows some moments of pure grace, out of the chaos which exists in his universe. Really, a great film about time, love and fidelity.

  3. AdrianM.'s rating of the film Fidelity

    Oh man, what an overly long nearly 3h mess of a film! I usually enjoy Zulawski but this seemed like the kind of film to start with a well settled premise, only to progressively degenerate into something else, as if the director forgot what he wanted to do at first, trying to reconstruct the movie during its making while delving in other unrelated areas at the same time.

  4. tristanetyseut's rating of the film Fidelity

    Ma acuerdo que cuando fui a verla en el cine con mi abuelo, nos fuimos de la sala después de media hora! Peli larguissima, aburrida y sin sentido. Poco interés más allá de las escenas de sexo.

  5. FISCHER's rating of the film Fidelity

    Durant la première heure, l'habituelle hystérie dans la réalisation se présente plus statique et plus bridée, donnant à l'ensemble, un intérêt certain, un climat pertinent, une sorte de partition émotionnelle habitée. Puis tout s'étiole lamentablement dans un débordement frénétique où l'excès, la saturation se partagent les scènes avec le ridicule et la bêtise associés goulûment...

  6. AVA's rating of the film Fidelity

    Trotz hochkarätiger Besetzung ein unglaublich langatmiger Film.Die Verzweiflung und Trauer konnten einfach nicht überspringen.

  7. Roberto's rating of the film Fidelity

    El film más flojo de Żuławski. No llega a los niveles de "L'Amour braque" o "Lo importante es amar". Tiene ciertos guiños de absurdidad que no lo salvan de ser un simple y débil ensayo de 159 minutos. Lo bueno: Los últimos 20 minutos (no se porque lo asocio siempre con ¡David Lynch!)

  8. lina maj's rating of the film Fidelity

  9. Andrei Burcea's rating of the film Fidelity

    Not as beautiful and heavy as the Nikon F5.

  10. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Fidelity

  11. Louis Léonard's rating of the film Fidelity

  12. DrFirestone's rating of the film Fidelity

    The cinematography is outstanding, the camerawork so fluid, really impressive. The film has very distinctive, artistic feel to it. I'd say this is a film about the difficulty of love, being loyal and staying faithful... There are other elements too, which leads to my only complaint: while the film has very powerful moments, at the same time it lacks of focus, but rather is drifting through all the different ideas...

  13. David Newton's rating of the film Fidelity

    Many excellent shots. The story and characters were badly crafted, though. For a movie so well shot, the writer doesn't seem to understand photography.

  14. Nick Potter's rating of the film Fidelity

    Parts of this film are truly beautiful and resonant, but there's just too much inconsistency to deal with. The tone feels a bit all over the place, and the pace of the editing doesn't fit either. Wish I could've liked it more..

  15. naokoken's rating of the film Fidelity

    I was lost in all the surfaces. Imagine Polanski's Compulsion but with a character who cannot find intimacy with anyone, even herself. The composition of the shots was amazing, reminded me of Fassbinder's Welt am Draht. "Mabrouth goes off to war...beef broth and onions...not knowing when he will return." Photo of the boy studying at a desk floating in the air during the chaos of the gun fire. Pascal Greggory amazing.

  16. ginobartolomi's rating of the film Fidelity

    Fidelity is a strange and sporadic story of a woman who is living her life with a sort of detachment from her own personal happiness, making many of her major life decisions based on the happiness of those around her- call her a people-pleaser, if you will. Clelia herself is a well developed character in my opinion, it's too bad she ended up in a film that wasn't able to quite land its own identity...↓

  17. Landen Celano's rating of the film Fidelity

    If she's taking those photos with a snapshot camera, I'll eat my shoe.

  18. soniczny's rating of the film Fidelity

    Beatiful and Powerful. Undescribable in 420 characters .

  19. Maria Margarida Marques's rating of the film Fidelity

    A movie with a god photography and interpretation. However the argument is very poor, confused and badly presented. What a pity!

  20. mitkills's rating of the film Fidelity

    the organ-trafficking subplot is awful and feels like it was dropped in from a different movie. and the ending is so melodramatic and silly that i felt embarrassed while watching it. but everything else is strange and wonderful. the music/sound editing is beautiful and evocative, and sophie marceau is completely riveting.

  21. Gabriel Kelly's rating of the film Fidelity

    am i the only one who thought this movie is FUCKING EVERYWHERE???????????? Beautiful meaning and movie hits on so many important topics but at a certain point you ask yourself "why the fuck are we here?"

  22. Superfrog's rating of the film Fidelity

    Very good ideas tied together with a chain made of the pin rings of the bouquet of handgrenades thqt was used to write the script. Extra points for shooting in my neighbourhood.

  23. Alvin Case's rating of the film Fidelity

    FIDELITY is an apt introduction to Zulawski's sensibilities as a filmmaker. Tight and professional grade visual and audio work mixed with a lightness and ease in the actor's performances that can only come from a director who knows the nuances of literature. Few directors could ever capture the essence and feeling of a 17th century novel in a 20th century film, but Zulawski and his actors succeed in a big way.

  24. Ekaterina Chernyaeva's rating of the film Fidelity

    Sometimes, because of the busyness of live I start watching a film and finish it next day but I was hooked on something I cannot describe, something which did not let me just leave. Beautiful story, beautiful cinematography, beautiful Sophie Marceau. Not only. It is a bit of a psychological riddle with so many answers on the surface but yet slipping away. It seems more simple than it is. Still under its spell.

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