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  1. Photo of Elo Havetta

    Elo Havetta Director

  2. Photo of Vincent Sikula

    Vincent Sikula Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Lotar Radványi

    Lotar Radványi Cast

  4. Photo of Vladimir Kostovic

    Vladimir Kostovic Cast

  5. Photo of Zofia Martisová

    Zofia Martisová Cast

  6. Photo of Ivan Krivosudsky

    Ivan Krivosudsky Cast

  7. Photo of Emil Tomascik

    Emil Tomascik Cast

  8. Photo of Ludovít Króner

    Ludovít Króner Cast

  9. Photo of Ján Melkovic

    Ján Melkovic Cast

  10. Photo of Marián Filadelfi

    Marián Filadelfi Cast

  11. Photo of Augustín Kubán

    Augustín Kubán Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Debnar

    Peter Debnar Cast

  13. Photo of Jozef Belan

    Jozef Belan Cast

  14. Photo of Mária Hojerová

    Mária Hojerová Cast

  15. Photo of Gejza Maráky

    Gejza Maráky Cast

  16. Photo of Ludovít Sury

    Ludovít Sury Cast

  17. Photo of Viliam Sikula

    Viliam Sikula Cast

  18. Photo of Dodo Šimončič

    Dodo Šimončič Cinematography

  19. Photo of Zdeněk Liška

    Zdeněk Liška Music

  20. Photo of Ivan Jokl

    Ivan Jokl Production Design

  21. Photo of Anton Krajčovič

    Anton Krajčovič Production Design

  22. Photo of Jiří Hlosek

    Jiří Hlosek Producer

  23. Photo of Jan Svikruha

    Jan Svikruha Producer

  24. Photo of Alfréd Bencic

    Alfréd Bencic Editing