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  1. Photo of Robert Marchand

    Robert Marchand Director

  2. Photo of David Elfick

    David Elfick Director and Producer

  3. Photo of Todd Boyce

    Todd Boyce Cast

  4. Photo of Kris McQuade

    Kris McQuade Cast

  5. Photo of Melissa Docker

    Melissa Docker Cast

  6. Photo of Anne Louise Lambert

    Anne Louise Lambert Cast

  7. Photo of Peta Toppano

    Peta Toppano Cast

  8. Photo of Ollie Hall

    Ollie Hall Cast

  9. Photo of Harold Hopkins

    Harold Hopkins Cast

  10. Photo of John Jarratt

    John Jarratt Cast

  11. Photo of Robert Ruggiero

    Robert Ruggiero Cast

  12. Photo of Patrick Ward

    Patrick Ward Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Bertram

    Paul Bertram Cast

  14. Photo of Joseph Spano

    Joseph Spano Cast

  15. Photo of Dan Simmonds

    Dan Simmonds Cast

  16. Photo of Frank Hammond

    Frank Hammond Cinematography

  17. Photo of Mark Moffatt

    Mark Moffatt Music

  18. Photo of Wayne T. Goodwin

    Wayne T. Goodwin Music

  19. Photo of Ron Highfield

    Ron Highfield Production Design

  20. Photo of Irene Korol

    Irene Korol Producer

  21. Photo of Margaret Matheson

    Margaret Matheson Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Stuart Armstrong

    Stuart Armstrong Editing